November 24-25, 2017


Moroccan School of Science and Engineering, Casablanca, Morocco


3 Speakers

INTIS'2017 / 6th Edition of the International Conference of Innovation and New Trends in Information Systems

Information systems development during last few years has seen deep changes view of the nature of constraints and requirements that are added back on the success of early systems. User needs have changed drastically and the interoperability of data and systems was more than any time to meet requirements. The relationship between information systems, innovation creating value is the problem in management information systems. We walked into a ubiquitous computing area. The user requires access to disparate and heterogeneous information, at anytime and anywhere. The web in this sense has propelled the use of data under these conditions but is often a little beyond expectations, as other constraints are added back as data security, use of standards and norms data and services, and performance of web applications that are unfortunately still slower than thick client applications. Another engine that changes everything in information systems field is certainly mobility, geolocation, and as the arising challenges such as security, visualization and performance management, etc.

La première édition de ce workshop s’est tenue à Tanger, et a été organisée par l’ENSA de Tanger, le 22 Novembre 2011. La deuxième édition s’est tenue à Mohammedia, et a été organisée par la Faculté des Sciences et Techniques – FSTM, Université Hassan II Mohammedia-Casablanca, du 23 au 24 Novembre 2012. La 3ème édition a été organisée par l’ENSA de Tanger, du 29 au 30 Novembre 2013.La 4ème édition a été organisée par l’INPT-Rabat, du 29 au 30 Novembre 2014, la 5ieme édition a été orgnaisée par L’UPF (Université Privée de Fès). Cette année L’EMSI (Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur-Casablanca) sera au rendez-vous pour l’organisation de cette manifestation, du 24 au 25 Novembre 2017.. Elle comprendra un tutoriel, une conférence invitée, des présentations d’articles scientifiques ainsi qu’une session spécifique Industrie.


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Thèmes / Topics

  • Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects
  • Elasticity for Cloud data management systems
  • Data privacy and security in Clouds
  • Benchmarking Big Data, cloud and data center computer systems
  • Performance analysis and optimization of Big Data systems and applications
  • Ecosystems for distributed information systems
  • Query processing and indexing in Cloud computing systems
  • Cloud storage architectures for Big Data
  • Cloud and Distributed Computing
  • Big Data analytics and visualization
  • NoSQL data stores and DB scalability
  • Non-relational Databases
  • Governance of Information Systems
  • Logistics Information Systems
  • Logistics Data
  • Project management
  • Social Computing for Knowledge Management
  • Pervasive Data and Information
  • Spatio-temporal ontologies and data modeling
  • Semantic web and GIS
  • Visualization and personalization of spatial information
  • Internet of things and smart objects
  • Data Mining Systems, Data Warehousing, OLAP
  • Mobility and Big Data
  • Mobile Data and Information
  • Web Services and SOA
  • XML and Databases

Comités / Committees


Workshop General Chair

  • Kamal DAISSAOUI, Président Groupe EMSI, Maroc

Program Chair

  • Azedine BOULMAKOUL, FST Mohammedia, Maroc

Scientific Committee chair

  • Hassan BADIR, ENSA de Tanger, Maroc

Organization Chair

  • Karim Alami, LPRI EMSI, Maroc
  • Mohamed Tabaa laboratoire LPRI EMSI Maroc

Publicity Chair

  • Abbas Dandache, LGIPM UL France
  • Pr. BADIR Hassan, ENSA de Tanger, Maroc
  • Pr. BOULMAKOUL Azedine, FST Mohammedia, Maroc
  • Pr. Amjad RATTROUT, Arab American University-Jenin, Palestine
  • Pr. Ahmed LBATH, Université Grenoble-Aples, France
  • BADIR Hassan, ENSA Tanger, Morocco
  • BELHAJJAM Khalid, Paris, France
  • BENBLIDIA Nadjia, Blida 1 University, Algeria.
  • BESRI Zineb, Université , Abdelmalek Essaâd, Morocco
  • BOULMAKOUL Azedine, FST Mohammedia, Morocco
  • ELBOUZIRI Adil, FST Mohammedia, Morocco
  • Faraj El-Mouadib, University of Benghazi, Libya
  • FISSOUNE Rachida, ENSA de Tanger, Morocco
  • OUALKADI Ahmed, ENSA de Tanger, Morocco
  • KAZAR Okba, Université de Biskra, Biskra, Algérie
  • HARBI Nouria, Université Lyon 2, France
  • EL BOUSTANI Hakim, ENSA de Safi, Morocco
  • IDRI Abdelfatah, ENCG Casablanca, Morocco
  • KABACHI Nadia, Université Lyon1, France
  • KUDAGBA Kunale, BMHS Tanger, Morocco
  • Lamia Karim, Université Hassan 1er, Morocco
  • LBATH Ahmed, LIG Grenoble, France
  • LOUGMIRI Zekri, université-oran1, Algeria
  • Mabrouk Aziz , Université , Abdelmalek Essaâdi, Morocco
  • Mandar Meriem , Université Hassan 1er, Morocco
  • MARGHOUBI Rabia, INPT, Morocco
  • MOUSSA Ahmed, ENSA Tanger, Morocco
  • DOMENICO Talia, Università della Calabria, Italy
  • OULAD HAJ THAMI Rachid  ENSIAS Rabat, Morocco
  • RAMDANI, Mohamed, FST Mohammedia, Morocco
  • RATTROUT Amjad, Arab American University, Janīn, Palestine
  • SLIMANI Yahya, TSP Tunis, Tunisia
  • Roberto Sacile, Università desgli Studi di Genova, Italy
  • TANACESCU Adrian, Academy+Plus, Cluj, Roumanie
  • ZEITOUNI Karine PRISM, Univérsité de Versailles, France
  • Rashid Al-Jayoussi, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine
  • Rim Moussa ,Carthage University, Tunisia
  • Chrissanthi Angeli, Technological Institute of Piraeus, Grece
  • Rafiqul HAQUE, Lyon1 University, France
  • Rajdeep Niyogi, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
  • SBIHI Abderrahmane, ENSA Tangier, Morocco
  • SEFIANI Naoufal, FST Tangier, Morocco
  • Zubi Zakaria, Sert University, Libya
  • Mohamed Tabaa, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Abdellah Daissaoui, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Brahim Chouri, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Safa Saadaoui, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Khadija Bousmar, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Redouane Kanazy, LPRI EMSI Maroc
  • Laila Eljiani, LPRI EMSI Maroc

Submission / Soumission

When Nov 24, 2017 – Nov 25, 2017
Where Casablanca-Morocco
Abstract Registration Due Jun 30, 2017
Submission Deadline Jul 30 Sept 15, 2017
Notification Due  October 1, 2017
Final Version Due October  7, 2017

Les conférenciers / Speakers

Amjad Nachaat RATTROUT


Hicham Hajji


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École marocaine des sciences de l’ingénieur
Casablanca 20250, Morocco

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